Nerida offers team building and training sessions at your workplace, using a strengths-based approach with an emphasis on positive communication and relationship building. Training packages are listed below, or can be co-designed according to the needs of your workplace. Get in touch for a quote or to discuss your requirements further.

For Managers -

Difficult Conversations

Do you find yourself avoiding difficult conversations? Whether it is a performance issue or a personality clash that affects your team’s ability to work together effectively, having the tricky conversation will make a difference. Find out what drives other peoples’ behaviour, why that matters and the key principles for having difficult conversations. 

Session runtime: half-day

How can you improve your team’s cohesion and collaboration? How can everybody do more of what they enjoy doing at work and improve their job satisfaction? In a series of group and individual sessions, explore team and individual strengths, improve communication and explore why we do what we do.

Session runtime: full day

For Teams -

Team Growth and Performance

Bespoke sessions

Every workplace is different, and their needs change over time. Get in touch to discuss the specific requirements of your workplace and Nerida can create a bespoke session for your team.